Comparing SEO to Traditional Media – Part 2

In part 1 of our comparison of search engine optimization to other traditional marketing media, we described the ability to easily track results, the flexibility of your marketing message, and attracting the right type of customers. Now, we continue to look at additional factors of comparing SEO marketing with phone book advertising and direct mail marketing.

Customer Support

With a typical phone book advertisement, you visit with your local phone directory sales representative once a year. They review your options in ad sizes and content and ask you to commit to an annual contract to print the ad. You may hear from someone who helps you setup your ad's artwork and copy shortly after. But once it is submitted for print, you most likely never hear from the phone directory company again, until it's time for your contract renewal.

With direct mail advertising, you may work with a printer or direct mail marketing company to design and print your postcard mailing piece and setup the mailing list. Some printers also assist with the bulk mailing process. But after the mail is sent, it is up to you to track activity (or non-activity), follow up and create new campaign strategies.

A professional SEO company will constantly track the performance of your search engine optimization and provide you with statistics and reports. The SEO company can use tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and others to analyze your website's strengths and its growth. A good SEO professional will communicate with you frequently and gives progress updates. Since everything is traceable, they are able to offer vast amounts of customer support with data backing their efforts.

Targeting Multiple Markets

Sometimes it is important to diversify your audience, directing specific products to the right region and the right type of customer. With traditional marketing mediums, there are limitations that will hinder your ability to branch into other markets quickly.

Phone books are printed for a specific city or metro area, and if you want to advertise in other areas, you must engage in additional contracts for those separate phone book ads. If you want to reach customers in a nearby city that is only an hour drive away, you will likely need to double your ad expense to participate in that second region's directory.

Direct mail can reach more areas, but it will require you to expand your mailing list. You will need to invest in a larger mailing list and work together with your direct mail company to research and build the new list. You must increase your printing costs and postage costs to print more postcards to send out to the additional recipients. You could also decide to print separate, different marketing messages to target each audience in a different mailing.

SEO services are fairly flexible, and it is possible to target more than one area at the same time. Google and Bing have geared search engine technology to be more localized, and it is a good strategy to start your marketing with a certain city or region in mind. However, you can easily branch into similar surrounding areas, such as neighborhoods or nearby suburb towns. Businesses often start with a primary target market initially and begin to branch into others a few months later, with some simple shifting of the SEO efforts. It may take some time to get great results in the new markets, but the shift can be made quickly and your SEO team can start working toward those goals immediately.

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